Coyote Connections

December 18, 2014 3:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


Coyote Connections

October 9, 2014–January 15, 2015

UNE Art Gallery
Art Gallery
716 Stevens Avenue Portland, ME 04103

Wed–Sun 1–4 p.m., Thurs until 7 p.m.
and by appointment—please call (207) 221-4499

Coyote Connections features works by 31 Maine artists celebrating the Coyote and its relationships with the wild, the land, fellow wildlife, prey, families—mates, pups and parents—and with us humans as well. Included are sculpture, drawings, photographs, prints and paintings created in styles both figurative and abstract. Our Native People have revered the Coyote for its ancient wisdom, spirituality and wily adaptability—the trickster. These works of art capture the coyote’s play, pain and joy as well as its connection to urban dwellers, rural folk and farmers, those who hear Coyote’s song and those who don’t.

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