Spring Ephemerals

June 27, 2018 10:24 am Published by
Common Blue Violet
Common Blue Violet

Spring Ephemerals

Early in the spring, just as the ground is thawing, and before the big
deciduous trees leaf-out, the spring ephemerals emerge. Ephemeral
implies brief, and that is what these delicate, wild-blooming flowers are.
They have a small window of time to grow, flower, be pollinated, and
produce seeds. Then they disappear until next year.

In the white and frozen winter I enjoy considering those fleeting,
resilient plants: how can I translate their unique color, form, and aura into
a woodblock print? It is a lengthy process to find the right composition, to
carve the blocks “just so”, then to print and adjust the colors until I am
content with the image. The finished prints bring great satisfaction, and
warm my way into spring.

Trailing Arbutus
Painted Trillium
Wild Columbine
Trout Lily
Jack in the Pulpit

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