The Printed Pattern: 3 Printmakers Collaborate

December 7, 2016 10:34 am Published by
1st generation: Wendy
1st Generation: Wendy
2nd generation: Peggy
2nd Generation: Peggy
3rd generation: Anne
3rd Generation: Anne

The images above show an example of the evolution of a print in a collaborative project by three artists: Wendy Ketchum (, and Peggy Merritt (, and myself. We originally came together to share our ideas, processes and for camaraderie in a profession that can be isolating. Our meetings and dialogues at our studios were greatly enriching and supportive. They evolved into a large body of work, shown at the Patricia Carrega Gallery ( this past summer. The exhibition included 18 framed prints, and many more unframed pieces of the completed work.

To begin, each of us created three 8”x 8” original prints, which we dubbed the first generation. Then we handed several copies of these prints to the other two artists, to add their own imprints, or second generation. A final passing of the prints, or third generation, completed each original print. In the end, we all had printed once on each final image. We also agreed to use a different printmaking method on each successive print to show the diversity of printmaking methods. This challenged us further in our image making.

Shown below are three more of the completed prints, each with our own unique signature, making a cohesive whole:

Club Moss
Dill Weed
Grasshopper Legs

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